Routine PVG applications now being accepted

26 June 2020

As of today (26 June), Disclosure Scotland are now accepting routine PVG applications.  These applications can now be submitted on-line.  You will need to get the applicant to fill out an online application form, which should then be emailed to us at [email protected]
You can find these forms on website by following the links below:
Please do not use the above forms if your application is in respect of COVID-19 response workers!
Disclosure Scotland will continue to prioritise checks for workers in coronavirus (COVID-19) response sectors. Fees will continue to be waived for these priority workers until midnight on Friday 25 December 2020, which means that only the ARC Admin Fee will be chargeable.
The forms used for coronavirus applications will be different to those in use for routine applications. To ensure applications are processed as quickly as possible, please ensure you are using the correct form.
 Disclosure Scotland will endeavour to return all applications as quickly as possible.