Skills for Care report ‘The value of adult social care in England’ published

Skills for Care have today published the ‘The value of adult social care in England’ report which shows the growing adult social care sector contributes £50.3 billion to the English economy.

This report argues for a shift away from valuing activity and towards valuing the positive impact of the social care workforce.

Whilst this may not be new, what is refreshing is that the report uses established NICE and Treasury approaches to the value of a human year of life and the domains of control, dignity, personal care, food and nutrition, safety, social participation and accommodation to consider ways of measuring quality of life in relation to social care provision.

When society was required to make spending decisions during the pandemic, many observers noted that if we can do it, we can find the money for it and this report makes it clear that whether we value the impact of the work social care workers and services do is a fairly straightforward choice.

Read the Skills for Care news article here and download the reports below:

8th October 2021