Jane Other, William Blake House

Jane Other is Chief Executive of William Blake House which comprises of a portfolio of residential care homes for adults with complex learning disabilities. This registered charity was first established in 2000 and she joined in 2004, progressing to CEO in 2008. The organisation attracts residents from across the UK, currently liaising with over 15 local authorities. As well as providing residential care, a wide range of life-affirming activities are available to our residents. It attracts volunteers from across the world in support of the work. Jane is an advocate of ‘Heart Leadership’ and ascribes to the ethos and principles of Rudolf Steiner, with organic nutrition and healthy activities and work with animals.

Large parts of her career were spent within the NHS and Social Services learning about the core challenges of ‘frontline’ engagement with the wider public and the effort of many good people to make a real difference to the lives of others.  Jane also spent time in the commercial sector as a Business Enabler, to advise and support with the challenges faced by business ‘start-ups’ and the factors that determine success or failure. Jane believes that that accurate management information is a key ingredient to success, combined with the right people doing the right things.  Jane acknowledges that ‘Leaders’ can only make effective decisions when all the information and resources are known in advance of initiating actions and that a corporate mission must be shared and communicated regularly so that staff teams can work towards the intended outcome.