Understanding Learning Disability

In-house Training

Understanding Learning Disability (LD201)

This distance learning pack and workbook has all the information to gain the individual unit LD 201 Understanding Learning Disability.

Distance Learning Pack and the Workbook to support candidates to provide evidence. It is a mandatory unit for anyone wanting to undertake a HSC Diploma. It is also ideal for experienced social care workers who have not worked with people with learning disabilities before.

This is an easy to follow learning disability training covering the knowledge learning outcomes of Unit LD201 unit Understanding the context of supporting an individual with learning disabilities.

Training Costs:

  • Understanding Learning Disability (LD201) Distance Learning Pack and Workbook only:
    Members £28 | Non-Members £33
  • Understanding Learning Disability (LD201) Distance Learning Pack, Workbook and Assessment and feedback:
    Members £39.50 | Non-Members £44.50
  • Understanding Learning Disability (LD201)Full Package: Distance Learning Pack, Workbook, Assessment, Internal Verification and Certification with the Awarding Body:
    Members £83 | Non-Members £93