Staff joining social care to have fees waived

New staff joining the Social Care Workforce are to have their PVG Membership costs paid by the Scottish Government until the end of March, 2022, if they are eligible for this scheme. This means that only the ARC administration fee will be charged for eligible applications.

To qualify for this the employee must:

  • Have started a new job or taken up a new position with their existing employer in an eligible role


  • Applied for the above membership registration no later that 31st March 2022 – any applications after this date will not be eligible

In all other cases – if you have a policy of periodically re-checking staff – charges will apply as normal.

Eligible Roles

To be eligible the employee must be working in a new role of one of the following:

  • Manager
  • Supervisor
  • Practitioner
  • Support Worker

AND be working in one of the following areas:

Adult Services

  • Care Home
  • Care at Home Services
  • Housing Support
  • Day Care Services

Children’s Services

  • Residential Childcare
  • Residential School Care Accommodation

IMPORTANT: When sending proforma application forms to us, if the employee fits the above criteria and is eligible to have their PVG fee waived, please enter FSC in the position field followed by the position they will be carrying out.  This will ensure that the only costs you are invoiced for will be the ARC Admin Fee.

If FSC is not entered onto the proforma application before the position field, will result in your organisation being invoiced as normal.

Further information can be found on Scottish Government website by following the link below: