ARC’s Vision is:

To achieve real change that puts people with a learning disability, autism, or other additional support needs at the centre of decision-making, and in the heart of their communities. We believe that achieving our vision depends on everyone working together, sharing ideas, experiences and learning from each other.

ARC believes that:

People who need support should:
  • be fully included in all decisions that affect them
  • be involved in the planning and delivery of support services
  • have opportunities to become self-advocates and lead real change in their services and communities be involved in the planning and delivery of support services

Those who commission, plan and regulate support should:
  • be supported in developing person-centred values and models of support
  • should have access to the knowledge, experience and skills they need to continually learn, reflect and improve what they do

ARC’s Mission is:

To create opportunities to enable new thinking to improve practice, policy and people’s lives. Everything we do is shaped and informed by the voices of people with lived experiences.

ARC’s Work

  • Support and develop

    We improve practice by providing training that develops people’s awareness of rights and entitlements

  • Connect and Liaise

    We thinking by facilitating networks that make connections and share experiences between professionals, people who need support and their families

  • Influence and Voice

    We We challenge systems that can improve people’s lives by championing the voices of people with lived experiences and those who plan and deliver their support.

ARC’s Plans

You will find more information on how this strategic vision is being delivered across the UK, as well as information on how to join or support our organisation, on our websites.
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  • ARC Scotland
  • ARC Northern Ireland