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The Association for Real Change is the leading umbrella organisation supporting providers of support services for people with a learning disability, autism or both.

The Association for Real Change exists to improve the quality of life for people who have a learning disability by supporting anyone who is involved in the planning or delivery of support and services.

Our work may also benefit people who have other support needs. We are committed to sharing our learning and experience across all sectors that may benefit.

Our mission is to improve the quality of life of people with a learning disability, autism and related support needs, and we support social care providers of all kinds to make this goal a reality.

We are proud to be the only membership organisation with such diversity in our membership base, yet working together as one community, representing providers who specifically support people with learning disability and / or autism.

We foster a real sense of collaboration and community where our members can come together to share best practice, and face the challenges of the sector as one.

In the words of Steve Cox, CEO of long-time ARC England member Perthyn:

"Our membership of ARC England has been critical over the last few years in ensuring that the message to Westminster, on the issues for the sector, and in particular learning disability services, is clear.

"Thanks to you and the team for all you do to influence the national decision-making processes on our behalf. Our membership has enabled us at least to feel that our views are being conveyed to the people who determine the policy that affects us and the people we support."

As a member of ARC England, all staff in your organisation have the opportunity to:

  • Stay up-to-date with the latest news and key developments within the social care sector
  • Join with like-minded organisations to have your say, as we represent you at local, regional and national levels to influence Government policy and developments.
  • Get priority access to findings from the ARC England Learning Disability Research Unit, including our annual Local Authority Fee Rate Maps 
  • Make your voice heard in our campaigns on issues affecting social care providers
  • Network with sector colleagues, exchanging insights and best practice on our regular Members' Zoom calls - CEOs, Finance and HR/Learning and Development groups
  • Join 'Together For Change' our group for people supported by members to discuss topics of interest
  • Expert-led one-off events covering the latest issues in the sector - recruitment and retention, CQC key questions
  • Develop skills and competency with training, consultancy, qualifications and funding opportunities
  • Discounts on all ARC England services:
    Disclosure and Barring Service
    Qualifications Centre
    Training workshops (plus extra cashback if you're also a Natspec member)
  • Cashback of 5% on insurance with specialist charity and voluntary sector broker Gallagher.
    Email [email protected] for cashback details and read more about Gallagher, one of the world's largest insurance brokers, at https://www.ajg.com/uk/not-for-profit/charity-insurance/


ARC England Membership Fees

Turnover Level Annual Fee
(April - March)
Band A: Up to £750k £185
Band B: £750k - £1.5m £410
Band C: £1.5m - £5m £575
Band D: £5m - £10m £950
Band E: £10m - £15m £1,400
Band F: More than £15m £2,350
For more information

Please get in touch with Liz Collins, Relationship and Communications Manager

01246 555043

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