A glimpse of the future? Clive Parry’s visit to Home From Home Care

Home From Home Care logoDuring my recent visit to new ARC England members Home From Home Care (HFHC) in Lincolnshire, I saw people with very significant communication and support needs and their staff in homely settings that have been highly personalised to reflect the interests, sensory needs and support needs of supported people.

The way HFHC records and uses data is happening at a level I have not seen before and for every area of data collection, Managing Director Paul de Savary and the team were able to articulate the uses to which the data is being put and the reasons for collecting it. They were also able to tell me about the ways they always apply the same organisational values on which Home from Home Care was built to their approach to the ethical collection and application of data.

Clive Parry, ARC England DirectorI was just as struck by the enthusiasm, energy and compassion of the support staff as I was by the enthusiasm, energy and focus of the teams working in the office where the data generated in the service is received, processed and interpreted. I came away from my visit to Home from Home Care feeling as though I’d had a glimpse of the future. We are very proud to welcome them to ARC England and look forward to working with Paul and the team over the coming months.

Clive Parry

ARC England Director