A National Response to the Abuse of People with Learning Disabilities

21st June 2011

Rob Grieg, Chief Executive of NDTi, has written a letter to David Cameron on behalf of 86 people and organisations, including ARC, involved in the support and improvement of the lives of people with learning disabilities.

The letter is in direct response to the abuse at Winterbourne View highlighted in the BBC1 Panorama programme show on 31st May 2011.

The letter explains that our organisations have met and discussed what should be done in order to prevent such abuse continuing.

“We are aware of the various actions currently being taken within and outside government – such as the DH review and CQC internal inquiry. We hope to make submissions to those both individually and collectively. However, on their own these will not be enough and a clear programme is needed to achieve change.”

The letter also has detailed information on the issues that were highlighted in the programme and proposed actions that need to be taken to avoid the abuse of vulnerable people in the future.

The letter requests that the ideas provided could provide a framework for national and local action in response to the evidence highlighted by Panorama and asks that we, the organisations supporting people with learning disabilities, be able to meet with the Prime Minister to share ideas.

“The many organisations and people that we represent and are connected to will be watching with interest to see if, following this public exposure of abuse, decisive action is taken to change the service systems in ways that will reduce the risk of abuse of people with learning disabilities – whilst also ensuring they are supported to lead full, valued and varied lives as equal members of our society.”

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