Active Support Training and Coaching

In-house Training

Active Support is an evidence-based model of support that shows staff how to support people with learning disabilities and behaviour that challenges to be more engaged and included in everyday activities that make up ‘an ordinary life’.

As a person-centred approach Active Support promotes inclusion; independence and choice in everyday activities; improves staff team confidence and morale; turns person centred support into person centred action and supports services to show quality of life outcomes.

This programme is for both Senior Managers and Support Staff as adopting Active Support is an organisational wide approach.

By the end of this programme learners will:

  • Understand the values of Active Support, its proven benefits and potential benefits for organisations
  • Learn how to provide support that promotes participation and engagement, and examine their current practice
  • Fully understand Active Support and Person Centred Planning
  • Understand how to practice manage Active Support – what does it mean?
  • Understand how to support teams to work consistently
  • Have established how to set achievable goals, monitoring, evaluating and reviewing
  • Learn how to work ‘beyond the paperwork’.


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