AccessNI Fees

Once registered with the ARC Disclosure Service – which is free of charge, your only costs are for the applications you request.

AccessNI charge a fixed fee for all applications submitted.

The fee of a ‘Standard’ check is – £26.00

The fee of an ‘Enhanced’ check is – £33.00

Volunteer checks
If you are submitting an application for a volunteer in a role which requires a standard or enhanced check, AccessNI will provide the check free to a volunteer, who:
“…gives their time in a position in a non-profit organisation, free of charge, doing something for the good of the community or a voluntary group, for which they may get travelling and other out-of-pocket expenses, and which is not for their own benefit or for the benefit of a close relative.”

AccessNI charges for a standard or enhanced check if:

  • an applicant is volunteering directly for a statutory organisation
  • an applicant is volunteering for a non-profit organisation in a position which delivers statutory services under contract or in a specific project, where that organisation receives government funding to pay for volunteers’ checks

A statutory organisation is an agency established by government. A not-for-profit organisation is a non-governmental body which does not distribute its surplus funds to owners or shareholders.

ARC administration cost for each check processed is £15.00

Example: AccessNI Enhanced check £33.00 plus ARC administration cost £15.00, total charge is £48.00

Example: AccessNI volunteer check (see above explanation) £0.00 plus ARC administration cost £15.00, total charge is £15.00

All checks are invoiced to organisations at the end of each month.