To use the ARC Disclosure Service for carrying out checks in England and Wales, we require organisations to be registered with us - Registration is FREE...

To register your organisation with the ARC Disclosure Service you will need to complete and return the following 2 forms:

  • ARC Employers Registration Form for your organisations address details, and to confirm you have the required procedures in place.  You will also need to include all the names of nominated individuals in your organisation who are to be registered with us who will have the responsibility of creating and managing online DBS applications for your organisation (Business Unit Administrators/ID Verifiers). You may also have additional ID Verifiers set up on the system who are able to verify the applicant's ID only.
    • if you wish to amend the details of your ID Verifiers, your Business Unit Administrator is able to do this within the system. If you wish to amend the details of your Business Unit Administrators/ID Verifiers, please contact us.
  • ARC Indemnity Form to be completed as declaration of your compliance with DBS Code of Practice ‘Management and Use of Disclosure Information’

Forward the completed forms either via email or post to [email protected] or
Disclosure Service, Association for Real Change, 10a Marsden Street, Chesterfield, Derbyshire, S40 1JY.
Please Note: forms to have a handwritten signature; typed names are not accepted.

Click to access Data-Processing-Terms-for-ARCs-Disclosure-Service-updated-March-2024.pdf

Once we have received the completed forms we will register your organisation and provide you with your login details and step-by-step guidance notes, usually within an hour (during business hours) of receipt.

You are then ready to start your staff checks.

If you would like to enquire further about our services, please contact us at our Office in Chesterfield, Derbyshire on our direct telephone number 01246 541660 or email: [email protected]