Biography: Dr John Biddulph

Dr John BiddulphJohn is a renowned Independent Autism Consultant with over twenty years’ experience as a specialist provider of Autism Spectrum Disorder ASD (autism and Asperger Syndrome) training, mentoring and diagnostic services.

He is a visiting lecturer for the undergraduate Psychology degree and the postgraduate course in Asperger Syndrome run by the National Autistic Society and Sheffield Hallam University. He is also a visiting lecturer at University College London and an external examiner for PhD studies in autism.

John is a qualified teacher and a published author on autism, and with over two decades’ experience of freelance consultancy, John has delivered training in most EU member states and is in demand as a speaker at autism and other conferences.

John is also qualified in the Autism Diagnostic Observation Schedule (ADOS 2) and Autism (ADI-R) diagnostic pathway.

He is Fellow of the Institute of Training and Occupational Learning and a member of the International Scientific Advisory Panel (Sensory Integration Network).

John’s colleague Marianna Murin, Chartered Clinical Psychologist, says:

“Having specialised in the field of Autism Spectrum for over twenty years, I am yet to meet a professional who would give the same level of every resource needed to fully embrace the unique experience of each individual on the neuro-spectrum quite like John does.

Exceptional dedication, depth of insight and expertise, talent of clinical observation, thoughtfulness, sensitive approach and most importantly – wonderful sense of humour and unconditional compassion and humanity are just few among many qualities that describe John’s approach. But what sets his work apart is the gift of seeing the passions and strengths of each individual.  

For anyone seeking understanding if they might be on the Autism Spectrum or about those they support who are, insight into how to manage their sensory differences, or how to realise their potential, I could not recommend John strongly enough. I have learned more about the Autism Spectrum from working with John for a year than from years of studying, and for this, I will always be grateful to him.” 


What people say about John’s Autism course:

“We invite trainers and lecturers from all over the world and who are leading experts in their fields but this is the first time the entire group of 26 delegates attending the training have given 100% positive feedback in all categories. See you next year.” University College London

“Thank you very much for delivering the training earlier this year, which was incredibly well received. We will be asking you back soon.” National Autistic Society

Feedback from delegates:

“John not only has an extraordinary insight into autism, he has the ability to articulate it superbly well. I would recommend him as a clinician and trainer to anyone who has any contact in any shape or form with a person on the spectrum or thinks they may be on the autism spectrum themselves.” 

“Your explanation of ASD was by far the most informative and effective session I’ve ever experienced.” 

“Just want to say such a big thank you for Wednesday.  I can honestly say it is the most positive process I’ve ever experienced.  It’s the first time I’ve come out of such a day feeling empowered and above all filled with much hope for the future of the autistic people I support.”

“I am extremely grateful that my expectations were certainly fulfilled, and your style and interaction helped me enormously.” 

“Very many thanks for coming to talk to us on Saturday. Everyone enjoyed it so much. It was not only very informative but very entertaining as well!”

 “You have given us a deeper insight into Autism and Asperger’s Syndrome and cleared up a lot of the myths that you talked about.”