Cartref Homes UK Ltd

Cartref Homes UK Ltd

Cartref Homes UK Ltd is based in the borough of Swale along the North Kent Coast.

The company opened its first registered home in 1997 and now operates 4 care homes, a supported living scheme that provides both multiple occupancy housing and out-reach support.

From the outset the driving principles behind each of the company’s undertakings have been to respect service users’ rights to development, independence, choice and inclusion.

We believe such principles are best delivered by services that are locally run, staff and managed; and on a scale that can promote immediate, sensitive responses by teams that are closely familiarised with the individual needs of service users.

Cartref Homes UK Ltd therefore aspires to remain a company that provides well-resourced, clinically excellent, responsive services yet retains a sense of intimacy in its service delivery by recognising the value of nurturing close working relations with service users.

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