AccessNI Important Information

August 2021

AccessNI has recently updated the Identity Checking guidance documentation available on the NI Direct website.  These new arrangements come into effect immediately.

The purpose of these changes is to ensure that the details on the application forms match the documents provided by the applicant.  It is one of the key safeguards to enable AccessNI to reconcile individual applicants to criminal record information or to identify if the Police may have information about that individual, or in the case of those working most closely with vulnerable groups, whether they are barred for such work.

The requirement to check than an individual has the right to work in the UK is still in place.  Where individuals have no right to work in the UK, it is not only a breach of law but, could lead to vulnerable groups in the community being put at risk.

In light of Brexit, AccessNI has updated the identity checking guidance and list of acceptable documents which are now available to use.  Details of these changes can be found by following the link below:

The specific key changes are as follows:

  • The removal of EEA from the list of acceptable documents
  • A link to the Right to Work has been provided in the list of acceptable documents
  • An update to review identification documents using live video link as detailed in the guidance document
  • The removal of the Annex providing a list of EEA countries
  • Added additional details on the Primary Documents for applicants who are not UK or Irish Nationals

July 2020


Working practices arising from the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic have been far reaching, and AccessNI have had to introduce many changes  in double quick time in order to ensure continuity of many services.

One such change is the use of on-line streaming to deliver teaching, training, instruction, etc to children.

Please note: that this type of on-line activity with children is regarded as Regulated Activity if it is carried out frequently (once per week or 4+ times in a 30 day period) and, as such, an Enhanced disclosure with a check of the children’s barred list should be sought.