Disclosure Scotland – Online Results Service

As of the 4th June, 2024, all results will be received by the applicant online via their account.  Therefore, ARC will no longer post PVG Certificates to employers.

Applicant Guidance

Applicants will now be required to share their results with their employers themselves.

They will need to do this by logging into their account and clicking the share result button.

The applicant will then need to choose how they wish to  share their result with employers.  This can be done either digitally or by paper.

If the applicant chooses to share their results digitally, employers will receive a link to the results.  (This is the preferred way to share results as it is quicker and more secure).

If the applicant chooses to share by paper, they will be informed that this will take longer and so may delay the recruitment process.

Further information can be found by following the link below.  This link can be shared with all applicants.

Share Results- Applicant Journey

Employer Guidance

Once an online result for an application has been shared with an employer,  they will receive a link to view the result via email.

The employer will need to click this link which will take them to Disclosure Scotland’s Online Results Portal.

Before the employer can view the result they will need the following information:

  • The applicant’s date of birth
  • The application reference number (T……..)

Once the link has been received by the employer, they will have 14 days to view the result, from the date the email was sent   by Disclosure Scotland.  Once the result has been viewed the link cannot be used again.

Disclosure Scotland’s Code of Practice must be followed by all employers

If the details (date of birth and application reference number) match, the employer will be taken to the result.

Once the link has been clicked the employer will have 15 minutes to view the result.

The link can only be used once, if the the result needs to be viewed again, the applicant will need to be asked to share their result again.

Further guidance can be found by following the link below:

Viewing Disclosure Results – 3rd Party