Our new ARC England virtual workshop on Learning Disability Awareness is for staff new to learning disability services or those just wanting to gain a better insight into the people they support.

Virtual course (by Zoom)

Two 3-hour sessions delivered on consecutive days.  Assignments are to be completed before, during and after the workshop.  Attendance on both days is required

The workshop is highly interactive with most work conducted through discussions, personal reflection, small group work and interactive exercises, offering opportunities for skills development.

The workshop covers

  • Causes and definition of ‘learning disability’
  • History of terminology, attitudes and service models
  • Implications of learning disability
  • Legislation, policy, values and principles of service
  • Workers role and responsibilities
  • Models of support
  • Skills, knowledge and attitudes
  • Challenges
  • Communication skills

The workshop is written in line with the Learning Disability component of Standard 9 of the Care Certificate, contextualised for learning disability.

By the end of the training learner will understand:

9.1 The needs and experiences of people with learning disabilities
9.2 The importance of promoting positive health and wellbeing for an individual with a learning disability
9.3 The adjustments which may be necessary in care delivery relating to an individual with a learning disability
9.4 The importance of early detection of learning disabilities
9.5 Legal frameworks, policy and guidelines relating to learning disabilities
9.6 The meaning of mental capacity in relation to how care is provided

The training also Meets the Tier 1 and Tier 2 learning outcomes of the Skills for Care & Skills for Health ‘Core Capabilities Framework for Supporting People with a Learning Disability’ (2019):

Domain A:  Understanding Learning Disability
Capability 1:  Learning Disability Awareness
Capability 2: Identification and Assessment of Learning Disabilities


£95 ARC Members | £126 Non-members

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