My Step Up

My Step Up

My Step Up logoMy Step Up is a care farm for adults with learning difficulties and other challenges. We offer fun, outdoor animal based activities to encourage our clients to be physically and mentally active. Our goals are to increase sociability, resilience and work towards independence.

Starting in 2011, by parents of two autistic young men, they saw the benefits of doing real and meaningful work outside with animals. The benefits of animal therapy had a positive effect on their children so they were inspired to build a care farm that could cater for more people. My Step Up has grown with one mission in mind: to have a positive impact on the health and wellbeing of adults with mental health issues, learning difficulties or other special needs or challenges.

After completing full-time education, many adults with special needs lose daily structure and regular social activities, we offer what occupational therapists call purposeful activities that are meaningful to the person in relation to his or her history, preferences, personal goals, and needs.

Our farm setting and animals are used to enrich our clients and engage with them physically, socially and mentally. We’ve seen first-hand the benefits to confidence, social skills and mental health.

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