To register for a Qualification with ARC Training Services please use the following FOUR STEP process:

(not applicable for Level 2 Advocacy or unit registrations)

Prior to the completion of a Registration Form the learner will need to undergo an initial assessment review with either their Training Manager/Work Place Manager/Assessor/ARC Development Officer/Internal Quality Assurance Coordinator or Centre Quality Assurance Coordinator to ensure they are registering for an appropriate type and level of qualification. The assessment outcomes are recorded onto the Initial Assessment Form.

The Initial Assessment should identify:

  • Any specific training needs the learner has, and the support and guidance they may require when working towards their qualification.
  • Any units the learner has already completed, or credit they have accumulated which is relevant to the qualification they are about to begin.

As part of your initial assessment you will be required to provide a c.v., if you do not already have one please complete a Learner Resume Form.

When the Initial Assessment process has been done, the next step is to complete a Learner Registration Form ensuring that all information is clear and each section completed.

  • Please provide all signatures from the learner, workplace manager assessor and Quality Assurer (IQA). In instances where ARC will be providing the assessment and/or verification we can obtain these signatures on your behalf.
  • Upon receipt of your form, we will process this with our accounts department.
  • Once payment has been made we will register the learner and a pack (where applicable) will be sent out to the organisation’s training manager.

All personal, qualification and portfolio documentation is kept by the Centre for a period of 3 years following certification or learner registration date.

The third step is for the learner to complete a ULN Registration Form, ensuring that all information is clear and each section completed.  Access more information on ULNs.

  • Include your Unique Learner Number if you have one – 10 digit number.
  • Photocopy your relevant Verification Identity documents, which need to be attached to the ULN form. These copies need to be validated by your workplace manager or whoever signs your ULN Registration Form. Attach them to your ULN Registration Form.
  • The information you supply is used by the Education and Skills Funding Agency, an executive agency of the Department for Education (DfE), to issue you with a Unique Learner Number (ULN) and to create your Personal Learning Record, as part of the functions of the DfE. For more information about how your information is processed, and to access your Personal Learning Record, please refer to:
  • Read and understand the content and the reasons why data sharing is relevant to your ULN Registration.

You will also need to download the Qualifications Centre Data protection & Privacy Consent form, and send this with your registration form Q1.  The form provides details of the personal information we hold and what this data is used for.   As part of your registration process we are required to transfer personal learner information to City & Guilds.  Further details are available on the Data Protection & Privacy Consent form.  You can withdraw your consent at any time prior to the qualification registration being processed.

Please also complete a Plagiarism Declaration Form.

When all relevant forms have been completed please send them to us, along with your supporting evidence and verification identity for processing.

If you would like to know more about registering a learner with ARC Training Services, contact us at [email protected] or call 01246 555043.

For more information

Contact the Qualifications Team:

Telephone: 01246 555043