Worse, not better: ARC England urges Government to act now after CQC State of Care report

ARC England Director Clive Parry’s response to the CQC State of Care Report 2022
When the CQC State of Care report was published last year I was a little surprised by the direct and unflinching language the regulator used to describe the challenges and issues the system is facing.
A year on, the issues are worse, not better, and the language and tone of this report describes the range of pressures the system and people working within it are facing every day in even more robust terms.
In this year’s report, some of the poorer learning disability and autism services that are provided by some operators are mentioned specifically and ARC England is grateful to the regulator for the opportunity to be part of the Supported Living Improvement Coalition which was set up to tackle these.
The Coalition is led by people who are or could be affected by poor Supported Living services and meets regularly to discuss and agree the actions that are needed to create change.
We are able to use the many examples of great person-centred care that our members tell us about every week to inform our input at Coalition meetings and being able to draw on the ways we know that these examples create more choice and control for supported people has been really helpful in discussions about what good looks like.
It is commendable that the CQC has made the decision to act to address the examples of poor care and support that inspectors are reporting when a provider has found a way to circumvent existing registration and regulation and has been commissioned to deliver support it is not qualified to provide.
However, the report published today is very clearly making the case for a broader and much more strategic Government-led solution to the problems in the system that are making life for supported people, their families and for people trying to provide high-quality person-centred care and support so hard.
That things are worse now than they were a year ago is shameful and we can only hope that if and when they read this report, the relevant Ministers, the Secretary of State and the Chancellor realise that it is for them to act and to act now.
Clive Parry, ARC England Director