Domestic Abuse and People with Learning Disabilities: How to Spot it and Stop it

Us Too: User-led training on domestic abuse, learning disabilities and autism

Photo of the Us Too Team Members
Us Too Team Members
  • “We are women with learning disabilities and autism.”
  • “We have all had experience of bad relationships.”
  • “We hope you can learn from our experiences.”
  • “We talk about how to get out of a bad relationship and have a happy life.”

If you have a learning disability you are three times more likely to experience domestic abuse.

The Office of National Statistics estimates that, last year, nearly one in five people with learning disabilities experienced domestic abuse.

Course feedback from Scottish Borders Rape Crisis Centre:
"Fantastic training day, loads of ideas, loved it!"
"It was really great - having [Us Too team members] share their personal thoughts and experiences really brought the whole training to life."

The ARC England Us Too team have spent the last two years using their experiences to deliver training to their peers and professionals about how to keep people with learning disabilities, autism or both safe from domestic abuse and how to escape a bad relationship.

We are pleased that we can now offer this training as online workshops. The Us Too training workshops are run by two women with learning disabilities, autism or both, with lived experience, supported by Us Too Project Lead Trainer, Rod Landman.

Although all training is currently being offered online via Zoom, face-to-face alternatives will be available later this year.

Places on scheduled courses for support staff and managers cost £69 (ARC members) | £90 (Non-members) - see scheduled courses

We also offer in-house training for social care staff, in-house training for women with learning disabilities, autism or both,  as well as domestic abuse training for Domestic Abuse Services:


In-house workshops


1. In-house for social care support staff

Costs: £685 ARC Members | £790 Non-members

This half-day workshop for social care staff can be delivered exclusively and cost-effectively just for your organisation for up to 16 people.
Workshop will cover:

  • What domestic abuse is
  • How you know domestic abuse is happening
  • The specific issues if someone has a learning disability and/or autism
  • What to do if domestic abuse is happening to someone you support
  • How to make the person you support heard
  • Your role in making domestic abuse less likely
  • How to build preventative services.

In addition, we also offer domestic abuse training for different audiences:


2. Peer education online workshops on domestic abuse for women with a learning disability, autism or both

Costs: £685 ARC Members | £790 Non-members

(8 women per session)
Workshops will cover:

  • What do good/bad relationships look like?
  • What is domestic abuse?
  • How can I avoid it?
  • What can I do if it is happening to me?
  • How can I report it and what will happen if I do?


3. Domestic abuse training for professionals from domestic abuse and sexual violence services on inclusivity and access

£790 Non-members

(8-10 people per workshop)
Workshops will cover:

  • Recognising learning disability
  • Communication skills
  • Networking with learning disability providers
  • Service provision and accessibility for women with a learning disability.

Please contact us to discuss your specific requirements.


Our learners say:  “Warm, supportive and informative.”  “Amazing experience.”  “Meaningful and inspiring.”  “Very powerful.”  “I learned so much.”  “I was blown away.”  “Authentic, safe and nurturing”. “Some of the best training I have attended”. “So valuable to hear from real people”


For more information about this, or any other workshops we offer, please get in touch: