William Blake House

William Blake House is a spiritually oriented community serving the developmental needs of its residents with learning disabilities.

It sees the community model as best supporting the potential for development of those who need its particular specialist care, whilst also affirming it to be the best model to facilitate the personal and professional development of all people involved in the work of the community. It draws its philosophical ethos from the anthroposophical image of the human being, as developed by Rudolf Steiner and implemented by Karl Konig in establishing communities for those with learning disabilities. This approach validates the spiritual integrity of all human beings, regardless of disability, and upholds the potential for continual development of all who live and work in the mutually supporting community that William Blake House aims to be.

William Blake House recognises its relationship to the wider community in which its houses are placed as an essential part of its pioneering vision, and it sees real potential in the possibilities this provides for its future growth.

To find out more about William Blake House and the services they provide, please see http://www.williamblakehouse.org/pages/wbh-home.php