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Grant Funding for WDF 2023/24 is Now Open!

We are pleased to inform you that the grant for the Workforce Development Fund in 2023/24 is now open for claims.

Process for joining the ARC Partnership:

To join the ARC Partnership, please complete the following 4 forms, you will also find useful information on the Skills for Care documents listed in the Guidance and Documentation section. 

  • Members Declaration Form (only required for new Partners).

The main page is for your establishment details if just one establishment, or for the Head Office/Main establishment of a group. The additional sheets are to record details where there are multiple establishments/worksites, each with their own ASC-Workforce Data Set number, under which you anticipate you will claim WDF for the employees through ARC. An organisation can only be a member of one WDF partnership at a time.

  •  ARC-Partnership-Agreement - One Partnership Agreement only is required for your group or organisation.
  • BACS-Funding-Form – if your organisation has more than one bank account, we require one BACS form for each account with the relevant ASC – Workforce Data Set numbers.
  • Workforce-plan for employers  – please complete this with reference to the Skills for Care
  • WDF Funded-qualifications-and-learning-programmes to provide a realistic estimate of funding you are seeking.

All the above forms need to be signed, typed signatures are not accepted.  Then forward the completed forms by email to [email protected] or post to WDF Team, Association for Real Change, 10a Marsden Street, Chesterfield, Derbyshire, S40 1JY

When we receive the completed forms we will forward your WDF Members Declaration Form to Skills for Care. If Skills for Care confirm their acceptance of your establishment/s you will be added to the ARC Partnership. We will email to advise you that your Partnership has been processed and we are ready to accept claims from you. At this stage if you are not up to date with your ASC – WDS we will advise you that you need to take action to resolve this. Please Note: if your ASC-WDS has not been updated since 1st April 2023 we will not be able to process your claims until this is resolved.