Example Coronavirus Vaccination Policy Template

ARC England have developed a draft policy template which can be used to develop a vaccination policy for your organisation.


From discussions with our members, we hear that many learning disability and autism residential settings have high levels of staff vaccination, with some recording 85-100% of staff as fully vaccinated.

This mandatory vaccination policy comes at the same time as our sector’s staffing crisis. By their own admission, the Government have determined that it is likely that 7% of the workforce will not be deployable as a result of this policy.

The assessment claims that this is likely to mean that 40,000 staff are unlikely to be able to work in care homes within the next 16 weeks. In addition, the statement identifies an associated cost of £100 million to recruit and train replacement staff.

Sadly, the cost of implementing the policy for providers appears not to be forthcoming.

With less than 16 weeks to go until the 11th November (less than 8 for those without any jabs), the sector urgently needs the official guidance and sufficient resources provided in a timely manner for the sector to prepare for the implementation of this policy – particularly if the plan is to extend the policy to the rest of social care and the NHS.

For further information about mandatory caccinations please see the ARC England member briefing: Mandating Vaccination as a Condition of Employment