About ARC Training Services

ARC Training Services (ATS) is one of the largest assessment centres for the Care Sector in the U.K.

We specialise in supporting providers of Learning Disability Services. We offer Training Services, throughout England, Wales & Northern Ireland, tailored to their cultural and legislative needs.

A highly respected accredited centre for a range of Qualifications.

Our emphasis has always been on helping to produce work-based assessors as our members believe that this represents best practice by ensuring confidentiality and privacy for Service Users. However, times change, and as more people are being supported to take control of their own budgets and live more independently, a flexible approach to assessment is required.

Our Development Officers offer a professional competent approach and they are highly qualified and experienced in the Learning Disability Sector and support Organisations in identifying workforce development needs and offer flexible planning to ensure the right staff are achieving the right Qualifications at the right level to deliver the best quality of support to their Service Users.

ARC Training Services Qualification Centre now consistently receives positive feedback from Awarding Organisations. The way that learners, assessors, internal quality assurers (formerly internal verifiers) and Training Managers within our Organisation have embraced the changes is evidenced in the high quality of portfolios now coming through.

Thousands of staff have achieved Qualifications with ARC including Qualifications in Health & Social Care (all levels).  Now we are offering an even larger range of qualifications.

Use ARC Training Services to provide assessment, administration and support.

Organisations not wanting to become a centre can use ARC Training Services to provide the administration, quality assurance and support necessary to enable their own Assessors and IQA’s (Internal Verifiers) to operate wherever services are being delivered, including in to people’s homes.

Our flexible approach allows us to provide Qualifications in a way, which meets the needs of learners and Organisations, and are relevant to individual roles and requirements. Take a look at the Qualifications we offer and contact us to help you establish your workforce development needs and training or Qualification requirements

The Learning and Development Team

Office Based Team

Angela DeLiddiard (Angie)

Qualification Centre Manager.  My role as manager is to ensure that all administrative and quality assurance systems are robust and maintained throughout the Centre. Ensuring we comply fully with regulatory and (AO) Awarding Organisation requirements, which enables us to deliver accredited awards, certificates and qualifications through City & Guilds.  I am passionate about staff development and training within the workplace, which I believe promotes the delivery of a high quality, person focussed approach for the individual’s we ultimately support.

I have worked in Health and Social Care and the Learning Disability Sector for the best part of 30 years. I hope that the knowledge and experience I have gained in that time will help me in doing my utmost to support all the Organisations, (DO’s) Development Officers, (IQA) Internal Quality Assurers, (QA) Quality Assurers and Candidates within our schemes.

I enjoy music, films, family life & camping, walking with my dog, Guiding & Badminton.

Sally Tunstall

Qualification Centre Administrator.   I joined ARC in March 2020 as the Qualification Centre Administrator and work closely with Angie, the Qualifications Centre Manager, to support our learners with qualification enquiries, registering learners with City and Guilds, through to the final certification once complete.

The ARC Training Consortium was set up in 1992 to support members who wanted to increase their own Assessor/Verifier capacity and to enable their staff to gain the appropriate qualifications.

Since then the Centre has been consistently busy helping Organisations supporting their staff to achieve the right qualifications.

The Consortium was re-located to Chesterfield and re-born with new staff in April 2008. Since the transfer and the introduction of the new team, there have been a number of changes including up to date administration systems, revised policies and procedures, streamlining of documentation and new qualifications added to its already impressive portfolio.

In 2011 we re-branded as ARC Training Services (ATS) to reflect the wider range of Training qualifications and courses we now offer.

ATS has established an excellent reputation in the Care Sector and with Awarding Organisations. We have maintained a database of customers due to our commitment, flexibility and professionalism.