Rod Landman

Regional Officer and Project Lead

Rod has spent his entire working life in services for people with learning disabilities, autism or both. He is based in north Devon and is the lead Project Officer for our externally funded projects.

Rod's most recent project was Us Too, a Comic Relief funded, user-led project on domestic abuse and sexual violence for women with learning disabilities, autism or both. The Us Too team has used their experiences to design and deliver peer education workshops, staff training in social care, and accessibility work with domestic abuse services in Cornwall & Devon. The resources produced from this project can be found here.

Rod was previously Project Officer for:

Rod is also ARC’s lead trainer on MCA/DoLS, Supporting Medication, Self Harm & Self Neglect, Mate Crime, and Sexual Exploitation of people with a learning disability.

Rod is a visiting lecturer at Keele University’s School of Law, and has had articles published in the Journal of Adult Protection and the British Journal of Learning Disabilities. No, he does not surf.